Pecan Streusel French Toast - Short Stack Eatery - Madison, WI

Pecan Streusel French Toast from Short Stack Eatery in Madison, WI

World class french toast with great flavor and texture.


Short Stack Eatery (, located in downtown Madison, WI, on historic State Street, is one of the best known brunch spots downtown. This Madison classic is unique in that it is open 24 hours from the end of the work week through the weekend. The low-key, relaxed environment attracts many college students from UW-Madison for brunch every weekend – lines are regularly out the door even on frigid winter mornings!! With this constant line, expect to wait up to an hour or so.

French Toast

Short Stack is a brunch place – they serve a variety of entrees catered to hungover college students wanting to cure their hangovers from the night before. Much like other brunch places, they have various options, such as breakfast sandwiches and burritos, oatmeal, hashes, pancakes, and french toast. They are best known for their pancakes, which come in a variety of types – regular, chocolate chip, sweet potato, etc. Another fun option is the “Blind Special,” a dish which costs half price if a hungry guest orders it without asking what it is (stories from friends indicate it is usually a soft bet).

Detail showing the drizzled caramel topping, mascarpone dollup, fresh berries


Short Stack’s most underrated dish, the Pecan Streusel French Toast, is absolutely amazing. Starting with slices of thick cut sourdough baguette, a pecan streusel sauce is added along with caramel. Layered on top are fresh berries (blueberries and strawberries), along with a nice dollup of maple bourbon mascarpone (Italian cream cheese). For the full experience, pay the extra $1 to get pure Wisconsin maple syrup on the side.

All this will run you $11.50 for the full order, plus $1 for the pure WI maple syrup.


(5 / 5)

This is the best french toast I have ever had. Period.

The thick-cut sourdough slices provide a great platform to build the dish upon; they have added carmelization texture which really adds to the dish (I have not found this extra touch anywhere else). The pecan streusel is absolutely delicious mixed with the drizzled caramel. The added fresh berries are always of top quality, regardless of season. Finally, the maple bourbon mascarpone is the perfect sweet spread to accent the dish; sweet enough to make you smile, but simple enough to not overtake the already wonderful ambiance.


  • Best texture of any french toast
  • Various flavors combine for unique experience
  • Sweet, but not too much
  • REAL maple syrup
  • Full order is reasonable amount of food


  • A tad pricey, but hey, it’s the best french toast I have found


Absolutely. Yes. You need to try this. For anyone who likes french toast to any degree, make SURE you get to Short Stack and give this dish a go – it will not disappoint you. Consider going during an off time to avoid the rush of college students.

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Make sure to get the real WI maple syrup: the flavor is vastly different from the fake corn syrup garbage!
The texture in the bread is to die for...
Even the plates give off a unique vibe
Menu listing for the dish