Stuffed Challah French Toast - Sabrina's Cafe - Philadelphia, PA

Stuffed challah french toast from Sabrina’s Cafe

Giant stuffed french toast which will satisfy anyone.


Sabrina’s Cafe (, located in the heart of Drexel University’s campus in Philadelphia, PA, is a classic brunch spot. With its quaint and cozy environment, everyone feels at home here. Sabrina’s Cafe is located across from the Greek houses of Drexel in a old style university building. It occupies the first floor, with a game room on the second floor. Wait times can range in duration, so try to come at a time when it isn’t too busy!

Quaint house building which Sabrina’s Cafe occupies on Drexel University campus

I happened to stumble across Sabrina’s Cafe while passing time during a layover at PHL airport. My flight was delayed for numerous hours, so I took advantage of the extra time to do some exploring around Philadelphia. Drexel University is very beautiful – many of the buildings seem old and historic.

French Toast

Sabrina’s Cafe offers two french toast dishes: a normal option as well as a stuffed variant. I opted to try the stuffed choice, and boy did it impress.

Closeup view showing texture of french toast


My first thought when it came to my table was “WOW! Look at the size of that!” The pieces of toast come in two triangles, each two slices thick with filling between the slices. Each slice was at least two inches thick. This made for a large amount of food to eat, but I wanted to indulge in every last bite.

Starting with thick cut slices of challah bread, a banana cream cheese based stuffing is added between two slices. Then, the whole complex is put on the griddle and cooked to golden brown. Finally, the dish is topped with bananas and vanilla bean syrup.

All of this deliciousness will run you $11.99.



Wow. This french toast entree easily makes it into the running for the best I’ve ever had – 5/5. The subtle taste of the cream cheese stuffing infused with banana is to die for, not to mention the wonderful thick slices of bread. You will definitely be full after eating this whole dish – they do not skimp on the volume!


  • Ample amount of food
  • Incredible flavor in the filling
  • Not too sweet, not too bland
  • Perfect density in the challah bread


  • A tad pricey, but not too bad (maybe split dish between friends)


Absolutely. Yes. 100%! As long as you like the taste of bananas, this french toast will not disappoint (the banana is not overpowering). Make sure to come hungry, because you will leave full and happy after enjoying the french toast from Sabrina’s Cafe.

More Pictures

Menu listing
Beautiful simple entree
Two triangles, each with two slices of challah bread
Topped with slices of bananas
Size reference: the slices of bread are huge!
Perfectly golden brown
Very home-like feeling inside
Sabrina’s Cafe is located in a fun historic house-like building