Sweet and Salty Sandwich - North Street Grille - Boston, MA

Sweet and Salty Sandwich from the North Street Grille in Boston, MA.

Simple but perhaps the most satisfying of breakfast dishes.


North Street Grille (, located on the charming downtown streets of Boston, MA, is an inconspicuous establishment which has gained significant popularity with the locals. Opened in 2004, it features brunch delights all day, every day, in a cheerful neighborhood spot.

During my latest visit to Boston, I discovered this gem—it was so great that I ended up going back for a second round before heading home! Even though it was quite the walk from my hotel near MIT’s campus, it was well worth it.

Robin and her team bring customers unique, high-quality, and delicious meals with their innovative and robust menu. This dedication brings customers back, time and again.

— North Street Grille website

Sweet and Salty Sandwich

Based on my previous #restaurant posts, clearly, I have a sweet spot for a good french toast brunch. While North Street Grille has ample french toast options, based on the staff’s recommendations, I decided to opt for their Sweet and Salty Sandwich for my meal.

Other options include the breakfast sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, french toast, belgian waffles, omelets, and the owner, Robin’s, favorites—think unique brunch creations.

Inside the sandwich is layers of egg, cheese, and bacon squeezed between french toast slices. Sides include real maple syrup and expertly spiced potatoes.


The Sweet and Salty Sandwich is truly one of the best brunch dishes I have ever had. It effortlessly blends the sweetness of french toast with the heartiness of an egg, bacon, and cheese breakfast sandwich. The combination leaves you going back, bite after bite, wanting more. Included in the dish is pure maple syrup—quite the surprise given the popularity of cheap sub-par fake maple (corn) syrup. The side is house-made home fries, which, no joke, might be the best potato wedges I have ever had—such good flavors and crispiness. Wow.

This is very similar to the popular Monte Cristo sandwich, but has its own unique twist.

Grand total for this stellar brunch creation? $16.95.

Just look at the beautiful sandwich—how thick!



Can’t decide between sweet or savory? Get both!

The hefty french toast bread slices create a lovely pillow and blanket for the vast eggs, bacon, and cheese. Just look at the thickness of the eggs—feels like at least 4-5 eggs in this bad boy. If you are in Boston, you have to check out this spot.


  • Perfect balance of sweet and savory
  • Ample eggs leave you leaving satisfied
  • REAL maple syrup
  • Breakfast potatoes covered in tasty spices


  • Only about 12 tables means long waits at popular times


Yes. Yes. Yes. I cannot wait to come back to Boston, MA, to get this again. This dish will make even the most hangry guest smile as it pushes sweet and savory, smiles and thumbs up, happiness and comfort. I am so glad I tried this and look forward to more.

More Pictures

Bite after bite, smile after smile.
Small space has only about 12 tables—very intimate dining experience.
Boston streets near the restaurant are so quaint and cute!