What am I doing now?

This page serves as a kind of diary, perhaps a public diary, documenting me. What am I doing now? What am I thinking about? Even the topic headings are specific to my life, documenting what I feel is important enough to share.

Updates each month about my current state of being. Idea of the “now page” comes from the Now Movement inspired by Derek Sivers.

Now, February 2021

I am living in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, where I am pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering. I am trying to figure out how to contribute meaningfully to the world in a way that fulfills me.

What am I doing now?

  • Taking classes and pursuing research projects.
  • Trying to balance work-life with personal-life.
  • Living intentionally so as to not waste time.

Time is the only true resource of the universe.
– Me

Research projects:

  • Precision current regulation for the parallel DPNV bearingless motor winding, specifically for high-speed, high-bandwidth applications.
  • Accurately estimating unmeasured states (e.g. velocity, disturbances) from sensor feedback (e.g. position) in magnetically levitated systems.
  • Quantifying maximum allowable force vector error for stability in magnetically levitated systems.