Vanilla Challah French Toast - La Brioche Bistro - Madison, WI

Vanilla Challah French Toast from La Brioche Bistro in Madison, WI

Wonderful french toast with a mountain of toppings.


La Brioche True Foods (, located off of University Avenue west of downtown Madison, WI, is a classic bistro serving the local people delicious food. It blends exquisite food with a beautiful ambiance for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. According to their website,

Our Intention is that you find a space here for yourself – removed from the hustle-bustle outside – that you Breathe and Relax into yourself – connecting with Loved Ones – remembering what is True in your life.
— La Brioche website

After dining here, I can attest to the zen which is felt while enjoying a Sunday brunch or weekday meal.

French Toast

La Brioche Bistro serves both breakfast and lunch / dinner entrees. The dishes have strong influences from French cooking. A typical entree may include lush bread, croissants, mixed greens, etc. The breakfast dishes include both sandwiches as well as sweet treats. Both crepes and french toast are offered.

Detail showing the pecans, sauce, and fresh berries.


The French Challah French Toast is one of the best dishes that is offered. Starting with three slices of thick cut Challah bread, a creme anglaise (English creme) is drizzled on. To top the dish, a mountain of fresh berries and bananas is added. Finally, whole caramelized pecans finish the spread and provide a rich added texture. Real maple syrup is provided in a side dish.

All this will run you $11.50.

Note: if you opt for all the menu-listed toppings (bananas, fresh berries, and pecans), an extra $5 charge is applied!

The buttery French crisp exudes from the Challah bread.


(5 / 5)

Exceptionally good french toast entree loaded with extra berries and nuts.

The three Challah bread slices create a lovely cushion on which the fresh berries, sauce, and caramelized pecan can rest. This dish exudes comfort and the cozy ambiance will put a warm smile on your face. Get out of the busy bustle of everyday life and into La Brioche Bistro – you won’t regret it.


  • Caramelized pecans add texture
  • Fluffy, thick slices of bread
  • REAL maple syrup
  • Quantity of food leaves you satisfied


  • Slightly expensive, especially when getting all toppings included


Yes. This should be a regular stop for the people of Madison, WI. This dish does very little to make enemies – the majority of people will love it. Stop in soon and you won’t be disappointed.

More Pictures

Menu listing for entree.
Detailed view of sauce.
Authentic real maple syrup!
Lovely outdoor patio seating.
Green garden dining for guests.
Typically French pastries for sale inside.
Cozy waiting area seating in the front of the bistro.
Street view of the place.