4-H Electronics Projects Archive


Growing up, I was a member of the All-School 4-H Club. While a member, I didn’t really appreciate the experience; it seemed like a waste of time but looking back, a few aspects come to mind as helpful.

I took electronics projects for many years, from 2006 through 2011, and learned a lot. Each year, I created a display board to show at the county project exposition. The display board showcased a simple circuit that demonstrated a specific electronics principle. Along with the circuit display, I submitted a short write-up describing my time creating the project.

Me in 2008, holding my project display board with award ribbons

After six years, coming to college, and rediscovering my love for electronics, I decided to archive my past 4-H projects online as a way to remember and share them, hoping to inspire other beginning electronic hobbyists.


2006: 9 Years Old

My first electronics project: a simple game of illuminating LEDs.

2006 project display board

2007: 10 Years Old

My second electronics project: demonstrating how capacitor charging time depends on capacitance.

2007 project display board

2008: 11 Years Old

My third electronics project: generating tones dependent on skin impedance.

2008 project display board

2009: 12 Years Old

My forth electronics project: a game to test human reaction time.

2009 project display board

2010: 13 Years Old

My fifth electronics project: triggers photography flashes in response to loud noises.

2010 project display board

2011: 14 Years Old

My sixth electronics project: a simple stereo amplifier.

2011 project display board

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